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Meet Our Instructors

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Lorna Trigg

Ecstatic Dance & Drumming

Lorna Trigg was born in South Africa and immigrated to the USA in 1988. Her life as an artist began at an early age, sitting in mud puddles making sculptures and progressing to studies with the indigenous peoples of South Africa,  She expanded her life’s path to include Herbal Studies with her Grandmother and Mother. She studied Dance in many styles from Classical to Tribal from age 5 to her culmination of her teachers degree in RAD classical ballet at age 15. Her studies of the effect of Drumming and the importance of combining modalities to enhance the human experience, began with Barry Bernstein who introduced the use of Rhythm and its benefits in the VA’s therapy programs. She studied with the late Lane Redmond (When the Women were Drummers) in the early use of the Frame Drum through all cultures. 

In South Africa she ran the FOH (Front of House) for the Drama Dept of the University of Pietermaritzburg.  Managing all aspects as a producer of student productions, from publicity and marketing to consulting on set design and costuming. She is a multi media practitioner, in the arts and a community builder .  Her home base is a 120 yr old lodge on 15 acres on the outskirts of Eureka Springs AR. The cottage of the same age is made available for private Retreats and Resets.  The land is primarily used for growing Medicinal and Native plants for teaching and is registered on the National Register with United Plant Savers. More about Lorna - and


Lisa Magby

Yoga & Belly Dancing

Lisa Magby aka Layla Vél. A lifelong lover of body movement, Layla took her first bellydance class before she was even born. She has since created her own style of improv fusion bellydance that she has taught and performed for nearly 20 years. Her dance and yoga classes are designed to connect you with your own indwelling spirit.

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Jason Salgado

Tai Chi & Qigong

Jason is a eleven year student of 15th generation Wudang San Feng Kung Fu Master Zhong Xuechao a.k.a. Master Bing ( He began training Wudang Qigong and Taiji (tai chi) with Master Bing in Southern California in 2012 and later in Wudangshan, Hubei Province, China in Summer 2016. Originally from Southern California, Jason moved to Eureka Springs with his wife in Winter 2016 on a small homestead with their three dogs, chickens, organic garden and a small AirBnB/Lodging just outside of town. He teaches 8 Pieces of Brocade Qigong, 5 Animal Qigong and the Wudang Taiji 28 form in Eureka Springs and throughout Northwest Arkansas. Jason is also a practitioner of Wing Chun Kung Fu (Ip Family/Samuel Kwok lineage) and an thirteen year student and disciple of Sifu Bryan Talbot of West Coast Wing Chun in Long Beach, CA. More about Jason -


Jessica Cummings

Paint & Sip Parties, Art Parties

Jessica is an artist and high school art teacher in Eureka Springs, AR. She has earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Washburn University with a focus in painting and photography, and a Masters in Education from Arkansas State University. She has taught art in public school for 15 years and has led multiple summer youth workshops.  Although she enjoys all types of art and is constantly working in many different areas, oil painting is her primary medium.

You can find out more about her art parties and discover her work online:

on Instagram @longviewstudiosart

on Facebook @Longview Studios 21

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Jordana Lipsitz

Kids & Teens Improv

Jordana Lipsitz is a recent transplant to Eureka Springs by way of Texas, California, and Pennsylvania, and originally Maryland with 15 years of experience in drama and improvisational acting. She is an educator, writer and performer with a B.A in Film and Media Arts from Temple University and a Child Development Teacher Permit from West Los Angeles Community College. Jordana currently serves as a substitute teacher in the Eureka Springs and Berryville public school systems. She also manages the handyman service Joel of All Trades and vacation rental properties in Texas and Eureka Springs.

More About Jordana -

Twitter & Insta - @lipsitzngiggles

About Jules Bauer

Jules Bauer


As I breathe myself into the sacred world or motherhood with four starseeds, and embrace a full time Montessori teaching career, I have found Qoya to be my own special breath of fresh air. It is that moment in time, when I get to move my body and invest into my Self, that I want to share with others. I found Qoya five years ago. It became my spiritual practice. Through this practice I have become dedicated to what Qoya has to offer, healing for me and thousands of others. The guiding principle is that through movement we remember our essence is wise, wild, and free. 

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